The Resting place

I’ve only been married a short while so as far as experience goes I’m a baby bride. I don’t know about the seven year itch or about severe exhaustion in the first 30 years of motherhood. I’m not qualified to give marital advice what-so-ever. So from the queen of DIY please see this as my experience and not a “how to”.

My parents have the most perfect marriage I know. I’m not bias it’s just a fact. They have a true to the core partnership that has inspired me in my own marriage. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years, but one thing stands out to me the most. My mom told me once that I had to stop holding on so tightly to relationships and let them breathe. I needed to be a place of rest for my husband and not a drag to come home to.

It took years of inner healing to be even remotely secure in my self. This security has given me the freedom to be secure in my marriage. I don’t strangle my husband on a daily basis and I know for a fact he can rest in my presence. Being a place of peace is a daily goal. It takes sometimes putting my own clutter aside to be what he needs. Sometimes I fail but that’s ok. Life is a journey of learning.

A little learned wisdom. Being at peace breaks down walls and creates a willingness to be open. Openness is the key to communication. No man wants to communicate to a nagging woman much less rest with one. Trust me I know. Something to process.

Have a beautiful day 🙂