What’s a blog anyway?

I never thought I’d be a blogger. I’m the girl with ten journals and two entries. My thoughts are sporadic at best and I never know where to start. So why am I writing a blog? Good question I’m so glad you asked.

#1  My photography website got disconnected because I couldn’t pay the bill. I know pathetic right! But I figured,  why pay when I can possibly find another way to show my work for free. Free is fun.

#2  I realized that I have way more to talk about than my photography. I’m constantly learning and some things might be important enough to share. What does it mean to be a wife? what can I make for dinner with three ingredients? How can I process the craziness of being a woman? What should I knit today? You get the idea.

#3  It could be fun…maybe.

So this is blog number one. If you stick around you won’t be bored. You may even learn something…no promises